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Hawks Athletics

Hayfield Secondary School


Hawks Athletics

Hayfield Secondary School

Hawks Athletics

Hayfield Secondary School

Team News.

Team News

11 years ago @ 5:24AM

Jennifer Windau to Play in High School All-Star Game

Jennifer Windau was selected to play in the first ever High School All-Star game at 7:00PM on  Wednesday, July 1st at Chantilly High School.  Jennifer will represent the East team.  Coach G will be the head coach on the team.   Coach Hammond will be an assistant coach.  More information can be obtained from


Team News

11 years ago @ 5:32AM

All-Met Honorable Mention

Senior Jennifer Windau was selected to the Washington Post's All-Met Honorable Mention team.

Team News

11 years ago @ 5:28AM

Final Statistics

Batting Average:

Amber Fowler 472

Jennifer Windau 446

Megan Perry-Shifflett 412

Slugging Percentage:

Jennifer Windau 527

Amber Fowler and Hannah Williams 500

On Base Percentage:

Amber Fowler 506

Jennifer Windau 482

Megan Perry-Shifflett 462


Jennifer Windau 20

Samantha Perry-Shifflett 18

Megan Perry-Shifflett 17

Stolen Bases:

Amber Fowler 14

Megan Perry-Shifflett 12

Hannah Williams 10


Laura Kirik 7

Jennifer Windau 6

Hannah Williams & Samantha Perry-Shifflett 4


Megan Perry-Shifflett 3

Hannah Williams 2


Hannah Williams & Samantha Perry-Shifflett 1


Amber Fowler 34

Jennifer Windau 33

Megan Perry-Shifflett 28


Samantha Perry-Shifflett 11

Jennifer Windau & Bria Woodyard 7

Sacrifice Hits:

Samantha Perry-Shifflett 6

Hannah Williams 5

Amber Fowler 4


Jennifer Windau 18-5, .61 ERA, 241 Strikeouts


Hannah Williams 0 Errors

Jennifer Windau & Samantha Perry-Shifflett 1

Team News

11 years ago @ 3:56AM

All-Region Tournament Team

Jennifer Windau was selected to the All-Region Tournament Team.  Congratulations Jennifer for an outstanding season and 6 years of dedication to the Hayfield Softball Program.

Team News

11 years ago @ 4:33AM

All-Region Team

Jennifer Windau selecated to the first team.

Amber Fowler and Hannah Williams selected to the second team.

Team News

11 years ago @ 9:22AM

All-District Team Selections

1st Team Selections:

Jennifer Windau, Megan Perry-Shifflett, Samantha Perry-Shifflett, Amber Fowler and Hannah Williams.


2nd Team Selections:

Laura Kirik and Jessica Reynolds


Honorable Mention:

Kelly Sheaff

Team News

12 years ago @ 6:35AM

Team Records

Batting Average
561 Megan Perry-Shifflett 08'
Stolen Bases
22 Crystal Tweedy 00' & 01'
25 Jill Franklin 99'
34 Crystal Tweedy 00' & Jessi Smith 04' Amber Fowler 09'
Home Runs
4 Caity Butler 05'
10 Marilyn Gregorowicz 05'
4 Kristen Moore 04'
Runs Scored
29 Megan Perry-Shifflett 09'
Bases on Balls
14 Samantha Perry-Shifflett 08'
Fewest Strikeouts (At least 75 at bats)
1 Kelsey Talbot 08' 
Sacrifice Hits
7 Lindsey Michaels 04' & Jessica Shaker 03'
On Base Percentage 
623 Megan Perry-Shifflett 08'
Slugging Percentage
737 Megan Perry-Shifflett 08'
.61 Jennifer Windau 09'
18 Jennifer Windau 09'
241 Jennifer Windau 09'
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