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Hawks Athletics

Hayfield Secondary School


Hawks Athletics

Hayfield Secondary School

Hawks Athletics

Hayfield Secondary School

Team Files.

New VHSL Athletic Physical Form

VHSL athletic physical form, updated 3/13, required for all athletic participation. All physicians must complete page 3 of this form, and parents must fill out and complete all other pages, along with both parent and athlete signatures.

Emergency Care Card

Form to be filled out with emergency and medical information and turned into the Activities Office at Hayfield SS prior to participation in any athletic events, workouts, conditioning, etc.

Weight Room use by HS students

Please complete, sign, and turn in to coaches before using weight room.

Weight Room Expectations for Use

Rules and expectations outlined for Weight Room workouts.

Weight Room use by MS students

Please complete, sign, and return this form to the coaches before using the weight room.

Directions to Yorktown

FROM: Hayfield SS 7630 Telegraph Rd Alexandria,VA 22315-3821 US TO: Yorktown HS 5201 28th St N Arlington,VA 22207-1727 US Directions 7630 Telegraph Rd Alexandria VA 22315-3821 US 1: Start out going NORTHEAST on TELEGRAPH RD/VA-611 toward HAYFIELD RD. 0.17 miles 2: Turn LEFT onto HAYFIELD RD/VA-635 N. 1.06 miles 3: Turn LEFT onto MANCHESTER BLVD. 0.26 miles 4: MANCHESTER BLVD becomes FRANCONIA-SPRINGFIELD PKWY. 0.68 miles 5: Take the FRONTIER DR/VA-2677 ramp. 0.19 miles 6: Turn RIGHT onto FRONTIER DR. 0.60 miles 7: Turn LEFT onto FRANCONIA RD/VA-644 W. 0.24 miles 8: Take the I-95 N/I-395 N/I-495 E ramp toward BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON. 0.60 miles 9: Merge onto I-495 N/CAPITAL BELTWAY/I-495 INNERLOOP toward TYSONS CORNER. 8.19 miles 10: Merge onto I-66 E via EXIT 49B toward WASHINGTON. 3.48 miles 11: Take the WESTMORELAND ST exit, EXIT 68. 0.12 miles 12: Turn LEFT to take the WESTMORELAND ST ramp. 0.02 miles 13: Turn LEFT onto N WESTMORELAND ST. 0.27 miles 14: Turn RIGHT onto WILLIAMSBURG BLVD. 0.74 miles 15: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto LITTLE FALLS RD. 0.47 miles 16: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto YORKTOWN BLVD. 0.59 miles 17: Turn RIGHT onto 28TH ST N. 0.12 miles 5201 28th St N Arlington VA 22207-1727 US Estimated Driving Time: 29 minutes Total Distance: 17.79 miles

Sponsorship Information

Help support all athletics at Hayfield Secondary School by becoming a corporate sponsor.

Division I and II Eligibility Requirements

NCAA eligibility requirements for athletes planning to play sports in college.

Divisions I and II College Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for Division I and II colleges/universities for athletes wanting to play sports in college.

Be sure to check out the General Files page for additional files.

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